Congressman’s Grandson Loses His Life After Argument Over Sneakers

The grandson of Chicago Congressman Danny Davis was killed following an argument over a pair of sneakers.

Javon Wilson, 15, was fatally shot in his home in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood on the evening of Nov. 18. Two teenage suspects will be prosecuted as adults, charged with first-degree murder and home invasion, reports The Chicago Tribune.

According to police, Di’Jae Banks, 17, and Tarik Harris, 16, were friends of a 14-year-old brother of the victim with whom they had previously been exchanging clothes and sneakers. Banks had allegedly lent a pair of sneakers to the younger brother and was intent on getting them back, which led her and Harris to visit the victim’s home on the night of Nov. 18.

Upon their arrival, an argument ensued, and Banks and Harris, armed with a handgun, allegedly forced their way into the home. The already-heated disagreement quickly became violent, and 15-year-old Wilson was fatally shot in the neck during a scuffle.

“The murder of a young boy over articles of clothing [and] gym shoes demonstrates a totally callous disregard for the precious nature of human life. The citizens of this city need to be protected from these defendants,” said Cook County Judge James Brown.

Congressman Davis issued an emotional statement on Nov. 18, remembering his grandson as an avid sports fan who took great pride in his skills on the basketball court. “I grieve for my family. I grieve for the young man who pulled the trigger. I grieve for his family, his parents, his friends — some of whom will never see him again,” Davis said.

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