In Ghana You Can Be Buried in a Giant Shoe Coffin

In Ghana, death isn’t just about mourning, but about celebrating the deceased. Funerals are large, often drawing hundreds of people, almost like a wedding, according to a CNN report from its “On the Road” series, which highlighted the customs and culture of the West African nation.

Dressed in black or black and red traditional funeral garb, mourners bring the grieving family food and drinks. And there is music and dance during this period. Still, there’s an even more creative way Ghanians celebrate the dead — with creative caskets that represent his or her life or profession.

For example, a carpenter may be buried in a giant hammer or a Coca-Cola lover may be laid to rest in a giant wooden Coke bottle. So why shouldn’t a sneakerhead be buried in a giant Nike shoe?

Below, a style by an artisan in Accra, Ghana.

Here, an undertaker opens a brogue-shaped coffin.

Another custom Nike sneaker casket in Ghana.

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