These Socks Are Perfect for National Cookie Day

Celebrate National Cookie Day with treats for your feet instead of your belly.

Today — Dec. 4 — is national food holiday where some businesses are offering the snack for free or at a low cost. Whole Foods Market, Pei Wei, DoubleTree by Hilton and Schlotzsky’s are some of the brands promoting National Cookie Day with sweet deals. But for those who crave cookies without the calories, Foot Cardigan has some stylish options in socks that aren’t half-baked.

national cookie day
Foot Cardigan’s holiday cookie-themed Small Batch collection.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Foot Cardigan.

The subscription sock service recently launched three new collections to its lineup, of which some current styles include odes to cookies.

From the label’s “Borings” line, a pair of men’s socks plays off a cookies-and-milk theme, including chocolate chip cookie graphics on a blue sock that has a white tip. The “Borings” range features similar playful prints that are incorporated on the foot only, which makes it a versatile option. Full-length and no-show styles in the collection cost $9 per month.


national cookie day
Foot Cardigan’s Small Batch gingerbread cookie-themed sock style.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Foot Cardigan.

For those who are afraid of commitment, Foot Cardigan also has a limited-quantity Small Batch collection of socks adorned with cookie designs that are available for a onetime purchase of $13.

The current styles give a nod to the gift-giving holidays, including a gingerbread cookie sock, as well as socks with cookie-cutter-like symbols that represent Hanukkah and Christmas.

national cookie day
Foot Cardigan’s Small Batch Hanukkah cookie-themed sock style.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Foot Cardigan.

The brand’s other sock collections include Tip Tops, a luxury men’s style at $15 per month, and the Houdinis for men and women at $9 per month.

Foot Cardigan’s expansion of product styles is a new strategy intended to spread the label’s footprint, Bryan DeLuca, CEO, told Footwear News.

national cookie day
Foot Cardigan’s Small Batch Christmas cookie-themed sock style.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Foot Cardigan.

“Until a few weeks ago, we had one style of sock, and while the hosiery industry is quite large, we were kind of a niche within a niche,” DeLuca explained. “So now we’re in a place where we feel comfortable with the team and the infrastructure we’ve created. We can start to cater to more people though different styles of socks and different delivery experiences. We’re casting a wider net in a very large market. And we’re so stoked about that.”

The Dallas-based company launched in 2012. Sock subscriptions are available in three-month, six-month, nine-month and yearly terms on FootCardigan.com. The recipient gets one pair of socks each month, along with a bonus pair.

“We’re designing socks that likely won’t be in the hands of consumers for three months or longer, so we’ve got to have some forward thinking in terms of seasonal things or colors we think will be great,” DeLuca shared. “But usually, it’s just us sitting in a room coming up with ridiculous ideas.”

pj salvage
PJ Salvage’s gingerbread cookie house socks; $16.50.
CREDIT: Courtesy of PJ Salvage.

PJ Salvage is also offering a sweet deal among its line of cozy house socks. The brand has a pair of playful gingerbread cookie socks for $16.50 that incorporate pom-pom buttons and a bowtie. Plus, the socks feature bottom grippers to keep you steady on surfaces.

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