How Steve Madden Is Paying Homage to a Group of NYC Entrepreneurs

Steve Madden is paying homage to select New York entrepreneurs who are changing the face of their respective industries with today’s launch of a “Self Made,” a men’s online marketing campaign. And Madden’s road to success serves as the premise for the campaign.

The entrepreneur sat down with five other like-minded men to discuss topics including business, failure, motivation, current events and family. While some asked for advice or guidance, others bonded over similar beginnings despite their diverse industries.

The participants each selected a Steve Madden shoe that best suited their personal style. All of their choices are currently available online.

Here are there individual stories.

Brian Mazza, president of Paige Hospitality Group, took $400 and turned it into a successfully hospitality group and menswear company.

Brian Mazza featured in Steve Madden "Self Made" campaign.
Brian Mazza featured in Steve Madden “Self Made” campaign.

Garnett Strother, professional trainer and martial artist, made a name for himself in the fitness community.

Garnett Strother
Garnett Strother featured in “Self Made” campaign.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

John Seymour, CEO and creative director of Sweet Chick Life, was inspired by his hometown of New York and is the owner of restaurants under this banner in New York and Brooklyn.

Max Shannon and Dan Wood, personal trainers and co-founders of STLR Aesthetics, launched their own athletic wear line.

Billy Rohan, skateboarder and founder of Samurai, is a key figure in the skating community and heads up the skate brand Samurai.

Steve Madden Coen boot
Coen boot selected by entrepreneur John Seymour.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.


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