5 Men’s Footwear Trends Retailers Wish Would Go Away

While it’s fair to assume that certain trends gain popularity because people have an affinity for them, we can all admit that there are more than a few fashion crazes that we wish would evaporate already.

Here, FN asks five buyers and/or owners of high-end luxury stores to dish on the trends that they are plain sick of and to offer a little insight into the design elements they would like to see gain momentum.

Read on for the buzz.

Tom Kalenderian, EVP & GMM, men’s and Chelsea Passage; Barneys
“Sneakers are not necessarily overdone, but the plethora of brands with similar styling is a pattern in the industry that needs trimming. Most sneaker aficionados want the original brand that created a style. Designers need to put as much energy and creativity into making beautiful shoes, in the same way they focus on sneakers.”

James Whitner, Owner; Social Status, A Ma Maniere, A.P.B

Flyknit and Primeknit are completely overused at this point. Many sportswear brands have used these trends [even] if the consumer doesn’t respond to it. Some brands will always lead through a retro lens, but you can’t retro anything without creating new models that resonate with the consumer. It’s time for designers and sportswear brands to get destructive and give today’s kid something they can eventually retro.”

Nike Flyknit Racer Rainbow
Nike Flyknit Racer “Rainbow.”
CREDIT: Courtesy of Nike

Steven Taffel, Owner; Leffot, New York

“Without a doubt, designer sneakers have taken over men’s footwear in a major way. The fact that designer sneakers are such a huge trend speaks to the overall direction of a more relaxed casual style among men. Split-toe shoes have become more popular of late, but I would like to see that trend continue. It’s a style that can be dressed up or down, making it a versatile shoe.”

Alberto Oliveros, Head buyer; Level Shoes, Dubai, UAE

“We’ve been surprised to see the comeback of military camo, a print that has definitely been overdone in men’s collections over the past few seasons. [And on the flip side], it has been disappointing not to see more sandals within the spring ’17 collections as sandals were one of the top-performing categories in spring ’16.”

Berluti Men's Spring 2017 Collection
Berluti men’s spring ’17 presentation at Paris Men’s Fashion Week.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Steve Abersons, VP, Abersons, Tulsa, Okla.

“I happen to love the sneaker trend, but I’ve counted the number of sneakers we have coming into our stores, and it’s more than we’ve ever had before. People jump on the [bandwagon], but men’s shoes are not like women’s shoes — they’re not constantly changing. I also get why the [sneaker] trend is overdone — we’re so casual as society. I’d like to see more of something that’s in between a sneaker and a black-tie loafer.”

Christian Louboutin Men's Spring 2017 Collection
Christian Louboutin men’s spring ’17 presentation at Milan Men’s Fashion Week.
CREDIT: REX Shutterstock.

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