Mario Batali Ordered A ‘Lifetime Supply’ Of Crocs Before They Discontinued His Favorite Orange Pair

Celebrity chef Mario Batali is recognized worldwide for his work in the kitchen and the shoes he wears while he’s doing it: bright orange Crocs.

While appearing on the “The Rachel Ray Show” on Thursday, the chef revealed that he ordered a “lifetime supply” of his beloved shoe when he discovered the brand planned to discontinue that specific color in the Classic model.

mario batali crocs orange shoes clogs
Celebrity chef Mario Batali wears Crocs Classic clogs.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

“Crocs and I had a long relationship, and they decided to discontinue this particular color — the one that has the light, refreshing airy holes,” he explained, holding up the shoe.  “But we asked, before they finished the run, for what we perceived to be a lifetime supply.”

The 55-year-old received 200 pairs of the shoe — enough to wear two pairs a year, he joked.

Before “The Chew” host was introduced to the brand, he wore Italian label Calzuro’s operating room clogs in his restaurants.

kitchen clogs bistro mario batali crocs
Bistro Mario Batali Edition clogs by Crocs; available for $44.99.
CREDIT: Courtesy

But he later was introduced to Crocs and quickly became a fan. In 2007, Batali and Crocs went into business together.

Crocs currently sells a Bistro Mario Batali Edition shoe modeled after his clogs, but without the holes he favors.

The shoe is designed specifically for people in the food service, hospitality and health care industries, retailing for $44.99 online.

An updated version of the Crocs Classic style is available for $34.99.

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