Tastemaker Marcus Troy Dishes On His 400+ Pairs of Shoes

Montreal-based lifestyle blogger and fashion tastemaker Marcus Troy knows a thing or two about putting together a choice look.

Here, he gets candid with FN about his clean-and-classic shoe collection and why he misses the sneaker hunt.

Total pairs: “Maybe 450 or 500.”

Preferred aesthetic: “I like to describe it as classic. I’m not caught up in the hype about the latest Foamposites or LeBrons. My look is classic, nondescript and universal so that I can wear it with everything.”

Current go-to shoes: “This past week, I’ve only been wearing the Wings & Horns x New Balance collab. They’re all black and easy to wear. I recently for the first time bought three pairs of Common Projects. They haven’t shown up yet, but I’m really looking forward to wearing them.”

Unisex Sneakers
Common Projects, $410.
CREDIT: Courtesy Image

Most expensive: “In 2002, I was in London, and we were lost and looking for the A Bathing Ape store. There was no sign and we passed it a few times, and then when we found it, they were closed. The next day I went back and was so excited that I paid 125 pounds for their version of the Air Force 1. I didn’t realize until I got home that I’d paid like $300. That was unheard of then.”

Least expensive: “Probably some Vans or Converse that were maybe $50.”

Favorite non-sneaker styles: “This winter in Montreal, it was Timberland and Red Wing boots.”

Shoes I’m over: “We’ve seen so many people wear the Yeezys not in the level of style they deserve that it’s turned me off.”

Shoes on my wish list: “The Hender Schemes that look like a Jordan Air Force in tan.”

Hender Scheme
Hender Scheme
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Ideal collection: “I’m trying to get to a point where I have the perfect footwear collection, with just things that are classic, clean and timeless. So one or two boots, some Common Projects sneakers, Adidas running shoes — things like that. I think I can get my collection down to 15 to 20 pairs of the best shoes from the best brands.”

Donating plans: “I’m not into the reselling. I know there’s value, but I give a lot of shoes away. I met with Soles4Souls recently, and we’re going to connect to figure out how to help. I want to get to the kid who wants to play basketball but can’t because he doesn’t have the sneakers.”

Brotherly bonds: “My brother and I are twins, and growing up, my mom felt the need for us to have different things, so my brother and I never really learned to share. When we came of age to buy our own things, we’d buy two of them for each of us.”

Reebok Club C
Naskademini and Marcus Troy in Reebok Club C sneakers and apparel.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Shopping habits: “I shop when I travel mostly. I bought a pair of shoes in Berlin recently and in Tokyo. When I’m in Montreal or New York, I don’t do that much shopping. I have great friends at great brands who send me things.”

Drawbacks of the job: “After you get sent your first few pairs of shoes, the things you loved and coveted [about the brands are gone]. To me, you become numb. I appreciate people sending me things, but I used to enjoy times where I would have to hunt.”

Advice for sneaker lovers: “Wear things because you love them and not because you need to wear them because of the hype.”

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