JS Shoes’ Customizable 3D-Knitted Slip-Ons Hit Kickstarter

For those who want the ultimate in shoe customization, there’s JS Shoes, a line of 3D-knitted shoes that allow wearers to design a one-of-a-kind pair.

The brand, launching on Kickstarter on Jan. 18, is built around a unisex slip-on style that’s lightweight and form-fitting. The unique manufacturing technique utilizes a machine designed to knit in a 3-dimensional method to produce the exact amount of materials for each shoe, eliminating waste.

According to the company, the machinery was originally designed to produce sweaters, then adapted for shoe manufacturing. After the upper is created, an EVA outsole is glued on, creating the finished product.

The company offers a unique buying model whereby consumers can order one shoe at a time, allowing for some fun mixing and matching. And for those with different size feet, individual sizes can be ordered for each foot.


JS Shoes
JS Shoes unisex 3D-knitted shoes.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Since the shoes are knitted, they allow air to circulate, keeping feet dry and comfortable. And each shoe weighs only 4.6 ounces, making them ideal travel pairs as more and more restrictions are placed on luggage weight.

Even the packaging has a fun spin. Each shoe is packed individually in a cylinder-shaped box, allowing the company to send one shoe at a time, complete with a cap sticker showing the color, size and left/right foot information.

The shoes are available in four colors, in addition to a special-edition rainbow style available exclusively on Kickstarter. They will retail for $89 a pair, with a special purchase price available through  Kickstarter. The first delivery is expected to take about two months.


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