ExoSoles Custom Insoles Launch On Sols Systems Mobile App

Looking for a more personalized comfort footwear experience?

Sols Systems, which offers a range of products designed to support health from head to toe, has expanded its product offering with today’s launch of ExoSols, custom orthotic insoles designed to relive, align and propel the wearer.

ExoSols are individually built on Sols Systems’ proprietary platform for mass customization, and the first to be launched in a series of foot-care products this year. Sols Custom Fit, the company’s mobile customization app, is used to create and store one’s unique Fit Profile from anywhere. Consumers are guided through a quick and simple process to create a Fit Profile that not only stores the DNA of the ExoSols but makes future customized products easily available.

ExoSols custom insoles
ExoSols custom insoles
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Just download the Sols Custom Fit app for iPhone at the iTunes store to set up a Fit Profile. Once the self-assesment is complete, the app will prompt you to take three photos of each foot.  The entire process takes 10 minutes or less, and custom ExoSols insoles are shipped in six days. The insoles are currently promotionally priced at $125.

ExoSols’ features and benefits include Ultra, a plush and responsive 3 mm foam cushion that distributes pressure evenly across the footbed, reducing shock in the feet, ankles and hips. For proper alignment, the insoles feature a 3-D custom-printed support shell, laser-sintered to match the wearer’s anatomy. Lastly, a stabilizing deep heel cup provides a stable stride.

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