New Laces to Style Your Sneakers This Season

As much as you might think that the unique pair of sneakers you’ve been eyeing will help you stand out from the crowd, the fact is that other sneakerheads are going to be wearing the same pairs this holiday season. In order to prevent your kicks from appearing ordinary, you’ll have to get creative — and remember that it’s not always about what you’re wearing, but how you’re wearing it.

One of the easiest ways to take your sneakers to the next level is with a pair of custom laces. These days, the marketplace for shoelaces is just as varied as sneakers themselves, and the options are endless. From luxury fur styles to sporty classics, we’ve rounded up the best choices around.

Benjos Shemonah Set
A Hanukkah-themed shoelace set by Benjos.
CREDIT: Benjos

Benjos Shemonah Box Set, $38; Benjos.

Rope Lace Supply Multicolor
Multicolor shoelaces by Rope Lace Supply.
CREDIT: Rope Lace Supply

Rope Lace Supply Multicolor Rope Laces, $5.99; Rope Lace Supply.

Laced Up Laces Grey Cement
Air Jordan-inspired gray-cement shoelaces from Laced Up Laces.
CREDIT: Laced Up Laces

Laced Up Laces Gray Cement Laces, $10; Laced Up Laces.

Aglit Black Fur Lux Gold
Black fur merino shearling shoelaces with gold tips by Aglit Italy.
CREDIT: Aglit Italy

Aglit Italy Black Fur Lux Gold Laces, $119.99; Aglit Italy.

Lacelab Glow in the Dark Laces
Glow-in-the-dark shoelaces from Lacelab.
CREDIT: Lacelab

Lacelab Glow in the Dark Reflective Flat Laces, $6.95; Lacelab.

New Balance Susan G. Komen
Pink Susan G. Komen shoelaces by New Balance.
CREDIT: Tennis Express

New Balance Susan G. Komen Laces, $3.99; Tennis Express.

Angelus Red
Festive red shoelaces from Angelus.
CREDIT: Angelus

Angelus Red Shoe Laces, $4.95; Angelus.

Laces Out Air Jordan 11
Air Jordan 11 replacement laces by Laces Out.
CREDIT: Laces Out

Laces Out Black Air Jordan 11 Replacement Laces, $7.99; Laces Out.

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