John Varvatos Turns To Vintage Rock ‘N’ Roll & A Faraway Beach For Spring ’17 Inspiration

John Varvatos often brings his love of rock ‘n’ roll into his lifestyle brand, and spring ’17 is no exception. He lent some playful romance to the collection, along with a deconstructed masculinity. “We focused on what has always defined our brand: redefining classic silhouettes by challenging what is possible through material play and expert craftsmanship,” said Varvatos. Here are a few of his big influences.

“Syd Barrett in this photo by Mick Rock is timeless.”

John Varvatos Inspiration Point
Syd Barrett photo by Mick Rock.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

“I was inspired by the soft, stony colors of Macaroni Beach in Mustique.”

John Varvatos Inspiration POint
Macaroni Beach in Mystique.
CREDIT: REX Shutterstock.

“The ghosted painting ‘Nothing Is More Narcotic Than the Past’ by artist Nir Hod inspired our ghosted shoes, [where we] hand-worked the leather to create an antiqued texture.”

John Varvatos Inspiration Point
“Nothing Is More Narcotic Than the Past” by Nir Hod.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

“I love the patina [created] from playing and time on his 1961 Fender Stratocaster Fiesta Red guitar.”

John Varvatos Inspiration Point
1961 Fender Stratocaster Fiesta Red Guitar.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

“We broke down each shoe to maximize comfort and wearability without sacrificing style and toughness.”

John Varvatos Inspiration Point
Spring ’17 style by John Varvatos.
CREDIT: George Chinsee.
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