Exclusive: Akid Releases Diving Film For New Chase Sneaker

There is nothing quite like watching a young person excel at something truly challenging. With that in mind, Akid, the Los Angeles-based children’s shoe brand (a favorite of Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani and Kourtney Kardashian), today released the latest installment in its video series dedicated to child prodigies.

This time, the impressive métier is diving. Directed by Ryan Pallotta and starring Luca Fassi and Laura Fisher, the film showcases Akid’s newest shoe style, The Chase, which comes appropriately lined in neoprene fit for aquatic pursuits. Even if for most kids, that’s more likely a run through the sprinkler than a staggering plunge into a pool.

The film was completed in about 10 diving takes each, using a high-speed camera at the Rosebowl Aquatics Club early one morning before Fassi and Fisher had to run to school. “It was amazing to work with these young divers,” says Pallotta. “They were very confident in their abilities to dive at a high level especially. They are really incredible young kids taking on big feats. I think it is the perfect embodiment of what the Akid brand is trying to do.”


FN caught up with collection co-founder Ashleigh Dempster (who oversees all creative for the label in partnership with her husband Matt George) to hear more.

Where did you find these kid divers?
“Through research on aquatics clubs in the Los Angeles area, we connected with the Rosebowl Aquatics Club, and the rest is history.”

You’ve worked with a series of child prodigies for AKID projects — what kind of kids do you look for?
“We are continually inspired by kids we meet and look for unique talents to share through the Akid lens.”

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What were you hoping to communicate with this video?
“Our main objective was to shoot something beautiful and visually stimulating that showcased the talent of the two young divers, Laura Fisher and Luca Fassi.”

How did you decide on the shoes that were appropriate for diving?
“The diving theme was a perfect fit with our newest Akid style called The Chase. Named after my nephew, this sneaker silhouette comes in two versions: a knit and a perforated EVA with neoprene liner, which is the one we featured in the video.”

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CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

What do you think kids look for in shoes? What have you learned from working with kids that you apply to your designs?
“I think it really depends on the age of the child. Through my personal experience as a mother, I believe that the older the kids get, the more they are influenced by what their friends are wearing. Comfort is key though — they don’t want to be tied down by what they are wearing on their feet.”

What’s next for Akid?
“Our upcoming Akid x Good Luck Trolls capsule collection is launching in June, and we can’t wait.”

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AKID Liv sneakers, $70.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

D.P: Luke Hanelin
Editor: Daniel Miranda
Creative Directors: Matt George and Ashleigh Dempster

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