Yeezy Boost 750 Available On Confirmed App Today

Here’s hoping you have very quick fingers when the Adidas Confirmed app opens later today.

Customers interested in getting a pair of light grey Yeezy Boost 750s can reserve a pair on the app today and pick them up on the release date on Saturday. You must be registered on the app by noon EDT/CET today in order to be eligible to reserve.

In the past, customers have had to input their size when the app opens. This time that information will be pre-entered, which is intended to streamline the reservation process. Be sure to have your push notifications turned on your phone, as the app will send one out when it’s open. Adidas Originals will also likely tweet when the app is open as they have for past releases.

Yeezy Boost 750 Light Grey Release
Adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 750 light grey.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

When a successful reservation has been received, customers will see a notification telling them when and where to pick up their shoes. Originally only available in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, the app has now expanded to Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Long Island (N.Y.), Miami, North New Jersey, Orange County (Calif.), Philadelphia and San Francisco. International cities include Berlin, London and Milan.

With such a high volume of traffic for past releases, the app often froze and customers experienced glitches, leaving them without the coveted kicks. Adidas Originals general manager Arthur Hoeld says that the app’s updates are intended to make the releases more fair for everyone.

For those who aren’t able to reserve a pair today, don’t forget: The general release is Saturday.

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