Twitter Video of a Woman Lighting Her Boyfriend’s Sneakers on Fire Is Going Viral

They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and one sneaker fan is learning that the hard way after allegedly cheating on his girlfriend.

Charlotte Arnold of Liverpool took to Twitter to teach her significant other a lesson by lighting a pair of his Nike Air Max 95 “Neon” sneakers on fire.

“This is what happens to cheats. Don’t cheat on me or I will set your £120 shoes on fire,” Arnold says in the video.

The Air Max 95 sneakers, which were last released in July 2015 to celebrate the shoe’s 20th anniversary, didn’t stand a chance against the flames, and were rendered unwearable after the combustion.

“How can you cheat on someone if you’re not with them?!? That’s the question,” the boyfriend responded on Twitter.

While this isn’t the first time a disgruntled girlfriend has taken to social media to air out their grievances, watching it play out in the video above is enough to leave a lasting impression on any sneaker fan who’s been tempted to cheat.

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