These High-Tech Sneakers Have an LED Display That You Can Change on the Go

With an ever-increasing array of sneaker brands and styles to choose from, it can be tricky to find just the right shoe for your individual tastes. What you loved one week could become a fashion faux pas the next, rendering the footwear useless as it becomes buried in the depths of your closet. If this sounds familiar, or you’re somewhat indecisive when it comes to your sneakers, you’ll want to check out these high-tech customizable shoes.

Touted as the “world’s first customizable E-sneaker,” the Vixole is a lifestyle shoe equipped with a flexible LED screen that wraps around the heel. Although we’ve recently seen a similar concept executed on Virgin America’s “First Class” sneakers, the Vixole separates itself from the competition by offering full customization of its LED display.

Whether you want to import a photo of your pet, sketch your own design or choose from a selection of preexisting images, the Vixole can do it all. In addition to the LED display, an advanced version of the sneaker known as the Vixole Plus boasts wireless charging capabilities and supports app and music integration. It’s also water resistant, so you won’t have to worry about ruining the electronic components as your trudge through puddles.

The Vixole began as a crowdfunded project on Indiegogo, where it has since surpassed its goal of $30,000 in funding. The sneaker will be offered in three tiers: the standard version for $150, the Vixole Plus for $195, and the Vixole OLED, which features a high definition OLED screen and is limited to 300 pairs for $300.

For more details, visit Vixole’s website.

Vixole Sneakers
The Vixole sneakers feature customizable LED screens which can display any design.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

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