Simon Jersey Now Selling Team Great Britain’s Limited-Edition Flashing Shoes

Quicker than a ray of light, Team Great Britain’s flashing shoes that were the hit of the Rio Olympics’ closing ceremony on Sunday are now on sale.

The limited-edition light-up kicks by Simon Jersey, a British company that specializes in supplying uniforms, are available for £35.99 online (around $47 at the current exchange rate).

The canvas shoes incorporate flashing red, white and blue lights in the sole and can last for around four hours. They are powered using a built-in USB port; styles include blue for men and red for women.

When the footwear debuted during the closing ceremony, they ignited a torrent of comment on social media, and the athletes who wore them were the envy of the festivities.

“Our #ClosingCeremony shoes are the fashion item that everyone wants,” tweeted British coach Craig Keegan.

The wearable technology also included light-up companion jackets that flashed “obrigado,” the Portuguese expression for “thank you.”

rio olympics closing ceremony team great britain light up shoes simon jersey
Team Great Britain wears light-up Simon Jersey shoes at the Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony.
CREDIT: REX Shutterstock.

In a statement, a representative for Simon Jersey said the idea was inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s party atmosphere.

“We wanted to mark the closing ceremony with something a little different,” the spokesperson said.

“Rio is known for its love of parties and carnivals, and wearable tech is becoming more popular, so we thought the most fun and patriotic way to use this in the outfits is through lights. The athletes all loved the shoes and are looking forward to wearing them. We just hope they remember to charge them before the ceremony.”

Stella McCartney and Adidas created Great Britain’s opening-ceremony ensembles.

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