Reebok Survey Reveals People Spend Less Than One Percent Of Their Life Exercising

Despite the billions of dollars plunked down each year on gym memberships and exercise gear, humans will spend less than 1 percent of their lives on physical fitness, according to Reebok.

The surprising discovery is part of a global study investigating how people spend their time on Earth to underpin the launch of the athletic brand’s new 25,915 Days campaign. Meant to signify the average number of days in a lifetime, the campaign aims to inspire people around the world to savor their time and push themselves to move their bodies more.

Conducted in partnership with global consultancy Censuswide, Reebok’s study evaluated 9,000 people in nine countries and determined that the average human will spend just 0.69 percent of his/her life — or 180 of their 25,915 days — exercising.

So what are people spending their time on? Not surprisingly, technology devices will steal a staggering 10,625 days, or 41 percent, of an average human life.

“It gives us a renewed urgency to get out there and live fuller, healthier lives,” said Yan Martin, VP of brand management at Reebok. “If we all traded in 30 minutes of phone time for a jog, we could actually help change the dynamics of global wellness.”

Still, Martin said that rather than presenting a grim picture of our world’s prioritization of fitness, the study’s findings should serve as a rallying call for people to embrace the time they have.

“The spirit of 25,915 isn’t one of fear, but of hope and opportunity,” he explained. “This study will hopefully help to push and inspire people to do more. Run one extra lap, climb a few extra stairs – it could mean one more lap of the earth by the time your 25,915 days are up.”

To introduce its new campaign, Reebok created a short video depicting the story of a woman’s life told from old age to childhood, with her love of running at the heart of every moment. Check out the film here:

Reebok is inviting consumers to join the movement and share how they are honoring their days online at Reebok.com/countyourdays, as well as via social media, using the hashtag #HonorYourDays.

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