Reebok Enters Multiyear Partnership With Ragnar Relay

Reebok has worked to become the go-to brand for fitness enthusiasts. The Canton, Mass.-based label has entered a partnership that will further solidify its position in the space.

The brand entered a multiyear partnership with Ragnar Relay, the largest U.S.-based overnight running relay series. According to Reebok, the partnership will expand globally in 2017.

Today marks the start of the race’s latest event, the Reebok Ragnar Relay Cape Cod, which ends Saturday. The Massachusetts race begins in Hull and ends in Provincetown. The events feature 12-runner teams that run for roughly 200 miles in two days.

Reebok Runners Ragnar Relay
A Ragnar Relay runner in Reebok.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Reebok

This partnership, according to Reebok, is to bolster its fitness focus and “Be More Human” philosophy, which is meant to help everyone discover the physical, mental and social benefits of fitness.

“Reebok has always been committed to pushing boundaries within the running space, which makes the Ragnar Relay series an ideal partner. These races are not just a physical experience; they challenge our minds, liberate our potential and celebrate accomplishments as a team,” said Scott Daley, GM of Running at Reebok. “The mental, physical and social elements of this unique series encompass Reebok’s own view of what is it to ‘Be More Human’ and we’re excited for what lies ahead in the coming years together.”

With the partnership, the brand said it will further its running product development through testing footwear innovations, which includes new shoes that will be released in spring ’17.

“Aligned in our brand missions to help ordinary people accomplish extraordinary challenges, we look forward to what this global partnership will bring our runners in the coming years,” said Chris Infurchia, CEO of Ragnar. “We are already seeing a lot of excitement from Ragnarians surrounding our new initiatives such as the Reebok’s offer to give every team captain a pair of shoes.”

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