Reebok Challenges Presidential Candidates To Run A 10-Minute Mile

On a very busy Super Tuesday, Reebok is challenging the presidential candidates to run one mile in 10 minutes or less. If they do, Reebok will donate $50,000 to a health-related charity of that candidate’s choice.

As Americans in 12 states head to the polls to vote in state primaries today, Reebok is hoping voters will also challenge the candidates to step up their fitness level.

Reebok has tweeted at Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, encouraging them to get running. None of the candidates have responded to Reebok’s challenge yet. In a statement on its website, Reebok points out that Bill Clinton was an avid jogger during his presidency.

Blair Hammond, senior manager, Reebok Global Newsroom, told Footwear News that the company “believes fitness has the power to transform lives and makes us better physically, mentally and socially. And we’re issuing the challenge to test candidate’s physical aptitude and prove they’re fit to lead the free world,” she said. 

In other Reebok news, the brand put up an outdoor ad in Stockholm over the weekend, and if a passerby ran faster than 17 km in front of the ad, it would unlock a new pair of free ZPump 2.0 shoes. Watch footage below.


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