3 Things We Learned From Watching Kevin Hart & Serena Williams Work Out

Kevin Hart is pretty much the king of the buddy movie these days — cases in point: “Central Intelligence,” “Get Hard,” “Ride Along,” both 1 and 2 — but Nike has finally cast him in his greatest role, alongside tennis powerhouse Serena Williams.

The two have been appearing this week in a series of short videos airing on social media. The humorous clips, which show Hart and Williams doing a little stretching, sprinting and strength training, are intended to promote the Nike+ Training Club.

But they’re also somewhat informative. For instance, here’s what we learned:

1. Water-hamstring-itis is apparently a thing.

To explain why he can’t touch his toes, Hart tells a dubious Williams, “I retain water weight in my hamstrings. … When I drink water, I digest it, but it goes through my hammies.” Pretty sure there’s no medical evidence to back that up, but we might use that excuse ourselves.

Serena Williams & Kevin Hart
Serena Williams schools Kevin Hart in some stretching exercises.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Nike.

2. Slow jams are the jam.

Williams and Hart claim to share a fondness for slow music for their workouts. True, that would inspire an intense warmup session, but doubtful that “Let’s Get It On” is going to replace “We Are the Champions” on playlists anytime soon.


3. Kevin Hart can jump really high — and he has Serena Williams to thank.

In a video about the benefits of training with a friend, Hart and Williams challenge each other to sprint faster and jump higher — and he gets way up there. As Williams says, “It’s hard to push yourself, but it’s easier when you have someone in there that’s pushing you.”


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