Participate In National Bike Month This May With The Right Cycling Shoes

Today marks Bike To School Day, just one of a string of events coinciding with National Bike month. According to The League of American Bicyclists, founded in 1880, Bike to Work Week will follow from May 16-20, with Bike To Work Day set for May 20.

For those interested in pedaling for recreation, transportation or simply as a means of staying fit, having the right pair of cycling shoes is essential for both safety and performance.

For everyday cyclists of all ages making their way around their neighborhood or city, a pair of hybrid looks — casuals or athletic looks with rubber or synthetic soles that offer pedal grip, are all that’s needed. These everyday footnotes easily double as street wear when combining biking with other activities. And, while sandals are a popular footnote in the warm weather, open-toe looks do not provide the necessary protection when biking, especially for kids.

For more serious bikers, there are lots of performance footwear options that include clipless styles comprised of special pedals and cleats, devices that come with the pedals and attach to the soles of clipless shoes. The shoes simply click in place when stepping on the pedal.

An alternative to a clipless system are toe clips and straps that bolt to regular pedals and form cages to hold the foot. But, again specific shoes designed to work with this system are required.

Lastly, the proper shoes will even make indoor spinning classes more enjoyable and productive. Check with your gym to see which styles are compatible with the pedals on their equipment.

For those looking for ways to participate in the month-long biking event and beyond, check out the Bike League.

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