Why Are There 191 Shoes on Display on This Australian Beach?

To some, the month of “Movember” is simply an excuse to grow out their facial hair, but the cause’s mission goes far beyond mustaches. It’s a month intended to raise awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer, along with mental health and suicide prevention. The latter was the inspiration for Movember co-founder Adam Garone to take action in Sydney, where 191 men took their own lives in October.

To symbolize this harrowing reality, Garone and the Movember team gathered 191 pairs of shoes and scattered them across Sydney’s Bondi Beach. “Each month 191 men take their life in Australia. This morning we placed 191 pairs of shoes on Bondi Beach as the sun rose on Movember 1,” Garone wrote on Instagram.

Movember was founded in 2003, and Garone says that although the movement has already made a large impact, there’s still work to be done. “I could only imagine the 191 boys and men who would not wake up to see another sunrise, as we laid out 191 pairs of shoes on our most iconic beach to represent the number of boys and men who take their lives each month across Australia,” he wrote.

The visual of the shoes on Bondi Beach is striking to say the least, and from the sounds of things, it’s only the beginning of what Movember has planned this month.




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