Mizuno Survey Shows How Friendly Runners Are Out And About

Wave Technology gives Mizuno loyalists balance and support when running, but in the days leading up to Global Running Day 2016 on Wednesday, the brand was more concerned whether you’re waving to other runners when on the roads or trails.

The athletic label conducted a national survey with 1,000 active runners who are 18 years old and older to see how — if at all — they acknowledge other runners when out for a run.

“Waving is a physical representation of the unspoken bond that all runners share,” said Kim Hoey, Mizuno USA’s senior director of brand marketing and management for running. “The data obtained through this survey shows that a wave in itself can indeed make a positive difference throughout the running community, which encompasses many millions of people.”

Through the survey, Mizuno discovered that 89 percent of the questioned runners answered “yes” or “sometimes” when asked if they wave or acknowledge others while out for a run, with 29 percent of the runners stating they acknowledge others by waving. The survey also showed that 30 percent of the runners questioned said they wave because they’re friendly, and 29 percent of the runners said they wave to be polite.

Mizuno’s survey also showed the positive power runners believe waving has on the world. According to the survey, 79 percent of runners have positive feelings about waving, 32 percent said waving makes them feel happy, 24 percent said waving encourages them, and 23 percent said waving makes them feel like part of a community.

Mizuno Wave Kazan
Mizuno Wave Kazan.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Mizuno

And people’s gender and age also have a major impact over acknowledging others, according to Mizuno. The survey revealed that men are more likely to wave or nod, while women opt to smile, and runners 35-to-54 years old say they always acknowledge others versus runners that are 18-to-24 (the younger age group prefers to smile, while the older will wave or nod).

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