Kobe Bryant Sneaker Art Exhibition To Open in Philly

Throughout his final NBA season, Los Angeles Laker great Kobe Bryant has had dozens of tributes, fan-farewells, ovations, on-court highlights and, of course, sneaker rewinds.

Now, a local art gallery in Philadelphia, where Bryant was born, will host a specially curated exhibition of artwork honoring the longtime Nike pitchman.

“I’m excited to host this event as a Kobe Bryant fan [and for his fans that] immersed in sneaker culture,” said Raeven King, an entrepreneur and photographer who runs the Limited Edition Gallery, which focuses on sneaker art and culture.

Kobe Bryant Exhibition
“Glory Days Kobe,” by Bonafide Icon, done in acrylic on wood.

The exhibition, “Farewell Mamba: A Sneaker Art Tribute to Kobe Bryant,” opens April 3 at the Philadelphia Art Alliance.

To acknowledge Bryant’s contributions to sneakers and the basketball community during his professional career, which began in 1996, the exhibition will feature a variety of visual arts ranging from large mixed media pieces to sneaker illustrations and 3-D paintings to stained glass paintings and photography.

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