Kobe Bryant Says He Brings Shoes To Sign After Every Game

Kobe Bryant is continuing his farewell tour leading up to his final home game with the Los Angeles Lakers, which is set for April 13 against the Utah Jazz.

Not only has Bryant signed shoes for lucky fans, he’s also signed pairs for fellow NBA players. On Monday night after a road game against the Jazz, Bryant signed a pair for Jazz guard Rodney Hood.

Bryant told ESPN after the game that during this season, he has signed an estimated 30 pairs of shoes for opposing players, as well as players from other sports. He also said that he brings about five pairs of shoes to each game, sometimes more.

According to Bryant, he generally gives pairs to players who are willing to ask, and he usually writes a personal message for each player.

“Generally guys that got the cojones to ask, I give it to them,” he said. “I’ve got plenty of them back there, so I’m not going to run out, so it’s all good.”

Bryant has signed pairs for LeBron James, Paul George, Devin Booker, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and others.


Earlier this month, Bryant signed a pair for hockey star Alexander Ovechkin, who shared a photo of the sneakers on his Instagram.


In February, Jordan Brand released a full set of Air Jordans in honor of Bryant. The set sold on eBay for nearly $250,000, and Bryant was also gifted a set. Nike unveiled the Black Mamba pack earlier this month, which encompasses all 13 Nike shoes Bryant has worn on the court in his career.

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