Kneed Footwear Launches Insole Collection At Independent Retailers

There’s a new option when it comes to enhancing footwear comfort with a new line of after-market insoles from Kneed Footwear in Riverside, Calif.

The collection, which hit the market this month, includes two styles: Kneed2Run, a full-length orthotic designed to upgrade the support and cushioning of neutral running shoes; and Kneed2Be, a 3/4 version designed to optimally fit inside casual footwear and nonperformance sneakers. Both feature a biomechanically shaped moldable base that enhances support form heel to ball of foot, while they naturally flex with the foot to maintain their shape where support is needed.

The insoles are available in unisex sizes from a men’s size four/women’s size six to a men’s 14/women’s size 16. The Kneed2Run retails for $49 and the Kneed2Be at $29. The company plans to expand the offering in the future.

Kneed2Run insole
Kneed2run athletic insole.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

According to co-founder Jonathan Koops, whose industry background includes tenure at insole brand Sole, “Most of the insoles and orthotics on the market only take into consideration the shape of the foot and then expect you to fit and cut the insoles into a very general category of footwear (medium footwear). Your foot has a drastically different experience inside a running shoe than it does a work boot.”

The company has also taken a unique position when it comes to distribution. The products will be available exclusively at independent running stores and shoe stores that to date include Ted’s Shoe and Sports in Keene, N.H. “What was initially a relationship based decision became strongly influenced by local economics,” said co-founder Karen Henry. “Independent businesses are an integral part of economic sustainability in their local community. They pay taxes, support charities and purchase services from local professionals. Whether we are talking about coffee shops or footwear stores, you need locally owned businesses to thrive.”

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