Kevin Hart Reveals His Nike Signature Sneaker Colorways On Snapchat

Kevin Hart brought his hustle to New York City on Wednesday for multiple Nike events. In between workouts at Nike+ Run club, Hart put his yet-to-be released Nike signature sneaker on display via Snapchat.

“That’s the future. That’s the Hustle Hart. That’s the sign of hard work. That’s the cross-trainer that’s going to get people motivated and driven,” Hart said while posting close-ups of his sneakers.

Kevin Hart Nike
Kevin Hart’s Nike signature shoe in red.
CREDIT: Snapchat.

Fans received a first look at the Hustle Hart trainer in January when he revealed it on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Since then, it looks like Nike made some changes to the shoe, adding gold accents and motivational quotes. Hart’s popular phrase — “Everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to put the work in”  — made the cut as well as the sayings “Find Your Inner Athlete” and “Don’t Stop Grinding.”

Kevin Hart Nike
Kevin Hart’s Nike signature shoe in black.
CREDIT: Snapchat.

Hart also gave a peek at multiple colorways including the all-black and blue styles.

Kevin Hart's Nike signature shoe in blue.
CREDIT: Snapchat.

“This movement is real,” said Hart. “Move with Hart. Who’s in? Who’s signing up? Who’s ready to change? This is not your average cross-trainer.”

Hart and Nike have frequently collaborated on events to keep his fans fit, most notably with his #runwithhart initiative, which encourages locals in whatever city he happens to be in to join him on a 5K run. Throughout 2015, according to Nike, Hart ran with more than 15,000 fans, and as 2016 continues, Hart aims to focus on his Move with Hart movement.

Stylist Ashley North, who has been working with Hart for nearly eight years, said with this amount of success and career growth, his fashion has grown and evolved, too. “In the last three years, Kevin has gotten really into fashion, and in turn we’ve started to create a signature look for him,” she said. “He’s become more aware of his own style.”

Besides Nike, Hart is a fan of luxury sneakers from Balenciaga, Buscemi, Valentino and Saint Laurent.

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