Homer Simpson Turns 60: A Shoe History

Believe it or not, Homer Simpson of “The Simpsons” is 60 years old today (according to his Springfield-issued driver’s license). To celebrate the occasion, Footwear News takes a look back at the greatest shoe moments involving Bart Simpson’s lovable, doughnut-eating buffoon of a father.

The balding husband of Marge rarely opted to change out of his signature black casual dress shoes (or white polo shirt and blue jeans) — and he never wore name brands — but when he chose to wear different footwear, the episodes were epic.

Homer And Marge Simpson
Young Homer and Marge.

Homer may not be a sneakerhead, but he has changed into athletic footwear in episodes quite a few times.

Homer Simpson Soccer Cleats
Homer wearing soccer cleats.

He rocked out with The Rolling Stones in black and white sneakers, shredded the streets with skateboard legend Tony Hawk in blue and white kicks, hit the pitch as a referee in black and white cleats, and formed the “Homer Simpson Showboating Academy” — teaching Tom Brady, LeBron James, Michelle Kwan, Yao Ming and Warren Sapp how to successfully perform a variety of crazy antics come game-time — in blue and black sneakers.

Homer Simpson The Rolling Stones
Homer with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones.

He even became jealous of his “neighborino” Ned Flanders when he walked in the hottest sneakers of the time, the Assassin.

Homer Simpson Tony Hawk
Homer skating with Tony Hawk.
Homer Simpson Assassin Sneakers
Homer admiring Ned’s Assassin sneakers before getting his own.
CREDIT: Youtube.

And his other shoe choices weren’t limited to sneakers. Homer chose sandals on a visit to England and black superhero boots when he transformed into the superhero “Pie Man” (with Bart as his sidekick, “Cupcake Kid”).

Homer Simpson Pie Man
Homer as “Pie Man” the superhero, with Bart (aka “Cupcake Kid”).
The Simpsons Go To England
Homer with ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
Homer Simpson Showboating Academy
Homer at his namesake showboating academy.

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