Kanye West Fans Clamor For Fake Adidas Yeezys On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” discovered Thursday night that if rap star Kanye West’s name is on a shoe, people would buy it — even if it’s a $13 import from China.

Show host Jimmy Kimmel addressed the recent Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 for infants — a shoe that comes with a $130 retail price tag.

“For babies, it will cost $130, which is a lot to pay for a person who doesn’t know how to walk yet,” Kimmel joked. “These shoes are the most expensive item your child will ever fill with applesauce.”

To see how fans of West and his sneakers would react to a new release, the show hit the streets to present a new shoe, the Yeezy Boost 1150. The only thing is, there is no Yeezy Boost 1150. The shoe shown was a $13.20 sneaker purchased on eBay from a seller in China.

As expected, people raved about the shoe.

Jimmy Kimmel LIve Adidas Yeezy Kanye West Fake
The $13.20 shoe purchased on eBay.
CREDIT: YouTube.

The interviewer didn’t stop with just showing people the shoe; he explained all of the shoe’s nonexistent benefits, including a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, leather designed to feel like canvas (or canvas-ized leather) and declaring it “the first shoes ever made for standing.”

“I feel like I could stand for a while,” one West fan said while wearing the shoe. Another man said his Wi-Fi signal got stronger when his phone was closer to the shoe.

Jimmy Kimmel LIve Adidas Yeezy Kanye West Fake
Does the new (fake) Yeezy improve Wi-Fi signals? This guy thinks so.
CREDIT: YouTube.

Pushing why the shoe is special even further, the interviewer told a man, “Kanye handpicked the children that made these shoes.” After being told that they were American children that made them, the man replied, “Good for Kanye.”

So how much could this $13.20 shoe fetch from these fans if West’s name were attached to them? Anywhere from $400 to $699.

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