Electrotherapy Sneakers To Encourage Fitness: April Fools’ Prank?

“No pain, no gain” takes on an entirely different meaning with a new fitness shoe that administers electroshock treatments through its soles to the feet when motivation wanes. “So there’s no chance of cheating your fitness goals,” a YouTube commercial explained.

Of course, it’s a joke. Happy April Fools’ Day.

Handmade footwear manufacturer Soft Star included the hoax device Friday on its website to help raise funds for wellness nonprofit Healthy Child, Healthy World. The company promises to donate 10 cents per JOLT page view, up to $1,000.

Another revolutionary shoe that also debuted on April Fools’ Day comes from BMW, which “invented” baby shoes that have “total stability in all conditions” to keep youngsters from falling down. Meanwhile, Vibram claimed earlier today they had photos of human footprints on Mars.


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