Diadora Launches First Viral Campaign In More Than 20 Years

Fresh off the completion of its 1,500-kilometer (932 miles) relay race from Italy to Spain with a boxed pair of N9000 sneakers in hand, athletic label Diadora announced it is employing a new brand marketing campaign, capitalizing on the energy created by the feat.

Diadora’s new campaign, titled “Make It Bright,” is a new way of experiencing life, enjoying sports and expressing style, according to the brand. Diadora explained that the campaign represents an aptitude for seeing things from a different perspective and is an invitation to join it on a path of personal discovery and innovation.

This is Diadora’s first viral campaign, which aims to talk about the joy of sports in a way that stands out from the crowd, in more than 20 years, according to the brand.

Diadora Make It Bright
Another Diadora “Make It Bright” campaign image.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Diadora

The relay race that took place prior to the campaign’s launch was created as an epic way to deliver the latest N9000 iteration to an unsuspecting customer, using 70 runners to carry the box of shoes from the brand’s headquarters in Caerano di San Marco, Italy, to Barcelona, Spain.

The campaign and the journey of the N9000 sneaker from the race can be followed closer by Diadora fans by checking out makeitbright.diadora.com or using the hashtag #makeitbright on social media.

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