Reebok’s Conor McGregor Spends $300K Preparing For Rematch With Nate Diaz

Before his first fight with Nate Diaz, charismatic UFC fighter Conor McGregor seemed unstoppable. After a UFC 196 loss to Diaz in March, McGregor shelled out lots of cash to prepare for the Aug. 20 rematch at UFC 202.

Reebok-sponsored McGregor, according to an ESPN.com report, spent roughly $300,000 to prepare for his second Diaz clash. The money, according to McGregor, has funded training camps in Dublin and Las Vegas, with money paying for gyms, transportation and other accommodations. Also included in the expenses, the report states, was bringing in New York-based grappling partner Dillon Danis to Dublin and Las Vegas, and Irish middleweight boxer Conor Wallace, who mimics Diaz’s striking style.

Conor McGregor Reebok ZPump Fusion 2.0
Conor McGregor cycling in the Reebok ZPump Fusion 2.0.
CREDIT: YouTube.

“This is a big, big expense — but what I make is big. So, in the bigger picture, it’s rather small,” the outspoken fighter told ESPN.com.

For the fight, McGregor has been spotted training in several Reebok shoes, including the ZPump Fusion 2.0 running shoe (available now via Reebok’s website for $100) and the Boxing Boot — Buck (also on Reebok’s website for $100).

Conor McGregor Reebok Boxing Boot - Buck
Conor McGregor in the Reebok Boxing Boot — Buck.
CREDIT: Instagram.

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