NFL Star Antonio Brown Talks DJ Khaled, Nike & Champs Sports

Antonio Brown is arguably the best receiver in the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers standout totaled 1,834 yards this season on 136 receptions, finding the end zone 10 times. Brown’s play on the field earned him his fourth Pro Bowl selection and helped the Steelers make the playoffs.

His play – coupled with his outgoing personality – also earned him a spot in the latest Champs Sports ad campaign alongside DJ Khaled and NBA star Andrew Wiggins. The Nike-wearing athlete spoke with Footwear News about the Champs campaign, his friendship with DJ Khaled and his infamous goalpost hugging celebration during the Week 13 win over the Indianapolis Colts.

How did you get involved with the Champs Sports campaign?

I had a lot of fun shooting the “Game Consultants” video with DJ Khaled, who I happen to consider a close friend for a long time; he’s very inspiring. The partnership came about because the game is about approaching everything in life with swagger, so Champs Sports had a difficult time finding someone more qualified than I am to be a game consultant.

Is there anyone in the NFL with style like you off the field?

I don’t think any guy works harder than me, I don’t think any guy has more style than me, I don’t think any guy is more organized than me.

Are there any other campaigns with Champs Sports that you’ll be a part of in the future?

Hopefully. I had a great time with some great people associated with Champs Sports.

How did the friendship with DJ Khaled come about?

I had the opportunity to meet him as soon as I came out of college to go to the draft. He knew one of my boys that I grew up with in Miami — he came to my last game up in Mobile, Ala., when Central Michigan played against Troy, when I was going to college and about to embark on an NFL journey. He’s been my friend ever since. He’s always encouraging, always texting me motivation, always inspiring, he tells me to continue to grow, to continue to work and be great.

Do you have a favorite song by DJ Khaled?

“All I Do Is Win” and “No Matter What.” It gets you motivated, it gets you excited and amped up; it gets you fired up for whatever you’ve got in front of you. His songs are really motivating and inspiring; he tells you to continue to win more, live more, try to be great more and it inspires you to want more.

Do you have a favorite Nike shoe?

The new Nike Huarache Run. It’s super-comfortable, and the holiday colors are fire. It’s a totally comfortable shoe.

What does your sneaker collection look like? Do you have a packed-out closet or room with sneakers?

I’ve got a nice collection, but I don’t get to wear all of my them a lot. I have a nice layout and a huge closet with a variety; I have a nice shoe game. I’ve got a little bit of red bottoms — Louboutins, Nikes, Air Jordans. I’ve got some cool kick — about 250 or 300 pairs.

What is your personal favorite all-time sneaker?

I don’t have an all-time favorite. I’m usually wearing shoes to work out in — I’m in workout shoes most of the time. I usually only put on my good shoes when I go out or if I’m going to an event. But the Nike Roshe Run is probably my favorite workout shoe. I’ve also got some designer shoes that are pretty cool.

Nike Roshe Run
Nike Roshe Run.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Nike.

Did you know there was a security guard behind the goal post when you did that touchdown celebration against the Colts?

Nah, I was wondering why I didn’t stick on it, I couldn’t really get my hands around it — I felt like I was grabbing someone’s jacket. I don’t think I kicked her. I might have grabbed her. She might have been scared like she didn’t know what was going on. After the game, I said sorry for the scare and I hope she had a little excitement in the moment.

Antonio Brown Pittsburgh Steelers
Antonio Brown’s touchdown celebration against the Colts didn’t go as planned.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Getty Images

Did you ever imagine you’d be this celebrated as a player?

Absolutely. I remember the days at Central Michigan looking in the mirror and always telling myself and visualizing the type of player I desire to be, seeing myself and looking upon myself as what I wanted to be.

What’s your prediction for the post-season? Can the Steelers take it all the way?

Absolutely, man, that’s always our goal. We’ve still got some games in front of us. Right now, we’ve got to focus one week at a time and try to get into the playoffs and make a run.

Antonio Brown Pittsburgh Steelers
Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers in Nike cleats.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Getty Images

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