Air Jordans, Chucks And More Iconic Shoes Redesigned In One-Line Illustrations

There’s a fine line — specifically, one single line — between some of the most iconic sneaker brands.

French artists from design studio Differantly have interpreted classic footwear in abstract one-line illustrations.

nike air jordan art illustration
Nike Air Jordan illustration.
CREDIT: Differantly Design Studio

Memorable kicks such as Air Jordan, Sam Smith, Chuck Taylor, Reebok Classic, Vans Authentic and more are simplified with whimsical and clever re-envisioning.

The line-art illustrations in the series include a Converse Chuck Taylor shoe stylized as part of a spaghetti dinner, a pair of Nike Air Max caught in a spiderweb and a pair of Air Jordans designed as helium-filled balloons held by a string.

Click here to view the drawings at the design studio’s website.

nike air jordan art illustration
Nike Air Jordans.
CREDIT: Differantly Design Studio

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