Adidas Originals Announces More Cities On Confirmed App

Adidas Originals announced Thursday that the next Yeezy Boost will drop June 11. The brand also updated its Confirmed app, which allows customers in select cities to reserve a pair of shoes and then pick them up at a later date.

Adidas used the app for several Yeezy releases in 2015 and 2016. Today, the app was updated with some changes and prompts customers to select their size in advance of the app’s opening on Tuesday. Those who are able to reserve a pair on June 8 will be able to pick them up on June 11.

Previously, the app had been available only in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Adidas has announced lots of additions: Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Long Island (N.Y.), Miami, North New Jersey, Orange County (Calif.), Philadelphia and San Francisco. International cities include Berlin, London and Milan.

This will be a game changer for fans of Yeezys across the world who haven’t had much luck getting their hands on a pair in the past. Often retailers run raffles to purchase the shoes, only allowing a slim chance for winning.

Adidas Originals will send out a tweet when the app is open for reservations on Tuesday. For the last releases, customers are placed into a virtual queue and are randomly given access to reserve shoes. It’s not clear if that has changed with the app’s updates.

The Yeezy Season 2 shoe collection releasing Monday is not affiliated with Adidas.

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