Adidas Creates Platinum Soccer Cleat for Lionel Messi’s Ballon D’Or Win

Adidas has gone platinum to celebrate one of the sporting world’s greatest athletes. To mark soccer superstar Leo Messi’s record fifth Ballon d’Or win on Monday, Adidas has created a custom version of the Messi 15 soccer cleat and unveiled a new ad campaign that honors more than just his trophy collection.

The special edition of the Messi 15 goes ultra-luxe with platinum elements — something Adidas claims has never been done on a soccer boot. The shoes’ Messi and Adidas logos are made of real platinum, and the back of the cleat is embossed with four gold dots and one platinum dot to commemorate his string of prizes.

Adidas Platinum Messi 15
The Adidas Platinum Messi 15, created to commemorate Lionel Messi’s fifth Ballon d’Or win.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Adidas also crafted the boot out of pearlescent Argentinian premium leather — a classy nod to Messi’s homeland — and stamped the insole of the shoes with the Spanish phrase “el más grande de todos los tiempos,” which means “the greatest of all time.”

Adidas Platinum Messi 15
The writing on the insole of the Adidas Platinum Messi 15 means “the greatest of all time.”
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

An Adidas rep told Footwear News that the platinum boot was made especially for Messi and will not be sold at retail. However, the regular Messi 15 boots are available now at Adidas.com in multiple versions for indoor, turf and artificial ground. Men’s styles are priced from $70 to $200, while kids’ sizes go for $55 to $100.

The Messi celebration doesn’t stop with a cleat. Adidas also unveiled new ads this week with the tagline “I’m here to create,” intended to emphasize the soccer star’s true focus. In a new 30-second spot now airing on YouTube, Messi declares:

“I’m not here for the past, for the praise, for the fancy suits or the champagne flutes. I’m not here for the celebrations. And for the record, I’m not here for number five. I’m here to create.”

Watch the video here:

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