Soap Opera Stars Reveal Wardrobe Secrets At The Daytime Emmy Awards Reception

For many soap opera stars, the real drama begins with the wardrobe department.

The actors dished to FN about the role shoes play on their programs and their tricks for making them work on-camera at the 2016 Daytime Emmy Awards nominees’ reception in Los Angeles on Wednesday at The Hollywood Museum.

Below, they also share their favorite styles and earliest footwear memories ahead of the 43rd annual Daytime Emmy ceremony, which airs on Sunday.

Finola Hughes, “General Hospital”

FN: How does footwear play into your character’s wardrobe?
FH: “My character is ostensibly a cop — she’s a federal agent now, but she’s been a cop, a police chief and commissioner, so her shoes are fairly sensible — mostly boots. Because I have to fight sometimes, I try to get a wedge or something boring like that. Just recently I wore some combat boots for a fight — so that’s good.”

FN: How has fashion evolved on soap operas through the years?
FH: “I started in the ’80s, so my hair and shoulders were cut off by the side of the television set. My shoes were those weird cork shoes in the ’80s — right now girls would kill for them — but they were pointed pumps with a mid-level heel. I had a bunch of those. Now that I look at them, I think they’re ugly — ugly old lady shoes — but young girls can rock them with socks. They’re total ‘Breakfast Club,’ and I seemed to wear that the entire decade as Anna.”

FN: What wardrobe pieces do you remember most?
FH: “I remember this dress they kept giving me back in the ’80s — like magical elves, the wardrobe department kept hanging it on the back of your dressing room door. And this damn dress kept turning up. It had buttons — thousands of buttons up the back. One day it did my head in, so I cut it up. I said, ‘I don’t think I can wear this anymore.’ ”

FN: What’s your personal style like?
FH: “My own shoes are very different from my character. I like heels and I do have boots — but I have trendy boots, not functional ones like my character does. My clothes differ from Anna’s because she’s trendy, but she’s chic-trendy. I tend to be a bit more punk-trendy, not so much now, but I wear more rock T-shirts and jeans. Sometimes I’ll go to a store and I’ll be attracted to something and think, ‘Oh my god, I’m dressing like my character,’ so I’ll take it off.”

FN: Have you taken anything from your character’s closet?
FH: “For sure. Most probably a full-length leather coat that I took from New York. I took all of my wardrobe from New York, but that was my biggest score on ‘All My Children.’ “

Kathleen Gati, “Winterthorne”
Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Digital Daytime Drama Series nominee

FN: What’s in your character’s wardrobe?
KG: “I talked [the wardrobe department] into getting me some Rockport because they’re fabulous and they have great cushioning — the high heels. My character is very clippy and aggressive, and she’s stomping around all the time, which makes a lot of noise, so if I’m talking and walking, they change my shoes.”

FN: What’s your earliest shoe memory?
KG: “My mother’s shoes. My mother loved Salamander, Ferragamo and Chanel. She was a fashion designer and dressed to the nines. If she went to the grocery store, she would wear high heels, perfume, an elegant outfit, pearls and mascara — that was a housewife in the ’50s and ’60s, women did that. Now it’s sweats, go to the gym and go home. She came from Hungary and was an opera singer, and my brother was a symphony conductor, so there were concerts where we were always dressed up. I sat there squirming in a red dress and these white little shiny shoes, which I loved. My mother said I gave [the shoes] away to a girl in school — I was 5. They were my favorite pair of shoes, but the girl told me she didn’t have shoes. I remember the whopping I got for that. Whenever someone really needs something, whatever my favorite thing is, I give it to them — I still do that.”

Pierson Fode, “The Bold and the Beautiful”

FN: What’s your personal shoe style like?
PF: “I love funky, cool and edgy. I want it to be classic but with a taste of edge. I do love a good pair of kicks. I always wear Louis Leeman. They give me a pair of these Swarovski-studded shoes that I can whip around on the red carpet.”

Patrika Darbo, “Days of Our Lives”

FN: Describe your character’s style.
PD: “Because I was the wealthy b—h, I had very nice things, and I had bedroom scenes with a gorgeous husband, so I had peignoir outfits out the wing-wang. On the show, I had a lot of shoes, but a lot of times you don’t see our feet. For example, hugging my husband, I would take my shoes off so my big boobs fit better into his chest, so height-wise we had different things going on. I’m a full-figured woman, so it’s very interesting.”

FN: What do you like about shoes?
PD: “I’m a shoeaholic because shoes always fit. Sometimes the pants wont, the blouse wont, but shoes always fit — and you can always say, ‘I’m a size 7.’ “

FN: What’s your favorite pair of shoes?
PD: “My favorite shoes are my bedroom slippers — my fuzzy, toasty ones. I’m from the South, so you grew up barefoot or you had flip-flops.”

Felisha Cooper, “The Bold and the Beautiful”

FN: What shoe brands does your character wear?
FC: “We get good stuff — a lot of Guess, Nasty Gal, H&M, Forever 21. I’m the bad girl so I wear a lot of lingerie — a lot of lingerie. It’s as though I’m lounging in my house.”

FN: What are some secrets to filming in heels?
FC: “Our soundstage is so deep, but I have seen these Styrofoam stickies. They will pad the ball of the shoe and then it’s silent — like a dove walking on the ground. It’s amazing and like you’re floating on air. Also, if you’re dancing on a floor, they put hairspray on your shoes so you don’t slide.”

Anna Horsford, “The Bold and the Beautiful”

FN: Describe your personal style.
AH: “From the time I was in high school, I knew I was different. I had a sweater with a thousand balls on it and would walk down Lennox Avenue in the middle of Harlem. I didn’t care what anybody said, because what’s important is your inner dialogue. I used to wear a lot of heels, and then I decided not to [while filming] because I’m so tall, so now I wear flatter shoes but they’re much more comfortable for me.”

FN: What’s earliest first shoe memory?
AH: “My mother is from the islands and she used to collect clothes and send them back to cousins. Somebody donated pink satin slippers with feathers on them. I took them out of the bag and said, ‘Mommy, can I have these shoes — these are my Hollywood slippers.’ I would practice walking up and down — we lived in a brownstone in Harlem. Every so often I would fall because the heel was a little high. My mother would say, ‘Anna, take off those slippers,’ and I would say, ‘I need them when I go to Hollywood.’ I was 4 or 5, but I was practicing with those pink satin slippers. I didn’t realize at the time that the image I had was more like Frederick’s of Hollywood, but those shoes meant Hollywood to me. I found a pair (of pink satin slippers) in a thrift store about five years ago and they now sit on the shelf of my closet.”

FN: What role does footwear play in your character development?
AH: “Shoes are very important. I start, many times, creating how the character looks first, and then I get the other things — the voice she puts on. I used to go to a store called Encore in New York, and they used to get clothes from California actors. I would stay in that store for hours making up stories — what actress wore this and that. The imagination is the most powerful thing.”

Bryan James, “Youthful Daze”

FN: Describe your personal shoe style.
BJ: “Vans Off the Wall sneakers are a staple — you can kick back and have a bro night out, but they should be sharp. I like solid colors, I like red kicks. You know that song ‘I got my Vans on’ — that’s my personal style with a backwards baseball hat and a wife beater. So sick, bro!”

FN: What’s your earliest shoe memory?
BJ: “The kind you can grind. In the ‘90s, you had to have a key on your shoes. It was popular with skaters.”

Lorry Plasterer, “Youthful Daze”

FN: Describe your character’s style.
LP: “My character starts off as a nurse, so she’s initially in scrubs. I’m into fashion myself, so I do a lot of my own costuming on the show. The first thing you see her in, when she drops the scrubs, is an old band T-shirt, a fur vest, jeans and combat boots and a nose ring. There’s a duality to her character.”

FN: Describe your personal shoe style.
LP: “I’m a huge vegan, so I’m a big animal rights activist. I love that Doc Martens has a vegan line. I live in their boots. Matt & Nat is another good company. It’s definitely difficult to find footwear. I go to vintage stores and sometimes get recycled leather — it’s conscious consumerism. If I can find a pair of pumps for $40 and it might be real leather, then I justify it to myself, but if it’s new it has to be vegan.”

FN: What’s your earliest shoe memory?
LP: “When I was little, I wanted ruby-red slippers like Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ so my mom got them for me. Now we keep them on our nightstand.”

Victoria Vida, “Project Mc2”


FN:Describe your character’s shoe style.
VV: “My character’s name is Adrienne Atoms. She always wears heels — she never wears anything but heels. She loves wearing heels with socks and bows. She’s in ninth grade — I think she was born in heels.”

FN: What’s your earliest shoe memory?
VV: “My mom telling me that I had more shoes than her when I was 4 years old. I had 48 pairs of shoes and she didn’t even have 10 pairs of shoes — that’s my first memory.”

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