Meet Sneakers the Corgi, One of Social Media’s Rising Style Stars

The latest e-famous fashionista is not so different from other social media stars, except for the fact that she’s covered in fur — her own fur.

Meet Sneakers the Corgi: She dances, she poses for photos wearing her latest threads, and she loves the camera.

The 7-year-old Pembroke Welsh pooch boasts more than 94,000 Instagram followers and nearly 120,000 Facebook fans.

Speaking to Footwear News, Sneakers’ co-owner Connie Wu said she started the social media pages on a “whim” in 2013.

“We noticed the photos of Sneakers that we’d post on our personal Instagram accounts would get the most likes and comments, even from people we didn’t know,” Wu explained. “We decided Sneakers needed her own account where she could really showcase her adorable photos and dog trick videos.”

Why the name Sneakers?

“It’s a terribly boring story,” Wu shared. “Most people think it’s because she likes to chew on our shoes — honestly, it was because her paws are a different color and it looks like she has footwear on.”

“Socks” and “Boots” were other contenders, Wu shared, adding that she sometimes styles Sneakers in a pair of booties for long walks.

Still, a pair of dog sneakers for Sneakers would be nice.

“Nike, please start carrying Jordans for dogs!” Wu joked.

While hitting the streets of San Francisco, Wu shares snaps of Sneakers dressed in casual and trendy dog-friendly outfits, such as hoodies and button-downs.

“And on special days she’ll wear one of her signature costumes, like her mermaid or Harry Potter costume,” Wu added.

Sneakers isn’t just a social media star — she’s also grown into a spokesdog. Wu operates Sneakersthecorgi.com, a website that features corgi-related merchandise such as stickers, patches, note cards, pins, pillows and more.

“We think it’s really special because everything is custom designed by some of our favorite independent artists, and we’ve handpicked and been involved in creating every single item on our site,” Wu said. “We’re definitely interested in adding dog apparel in the future so other pups can join in the fun.”

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