Shoe Shaped Church Opens In Taiwan

Architects in Taiwan really went outside the box trying to find a way to get more women to attend church.

According to news reports by the CW, designers from Cloud Management built a brand new church in Budai Town, Taiwan in the shape of a high-heel.

The building is set to open next month and is made entirely of blue glass. We’re still not sure why the designers didn’t pick a nice neutral that goes with more outfits, but we’ll call it an impulse purchase (or rather build, since it only took two months to construct).

The pièce de résistance is the sheer scale of the building: it’s — wait for it — over 55 feet tall and 36 feet wide. This just isn’t your regular old suburban church, it’s a shoe-lovers temple.

At FN we’re already wondering if visiting this church will add extra pressure onto donning your “Sunday Best.”

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