Gene Simmons On Fashion In Rock Music, His Shoe Collection & Summer Plans

On Sunday, designer John Varvatos gathered celebrities at his West Hollywood boutique for his 13th annual charity event for Stuart House, which offers support services for child sex-abuse victims and their families. Over the years, Varvatos’ benefit has helped raise more than $6 million for the cause.

The event brought performers including former Van Halen members Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony, as well as Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Another music star and Stuart House supporter, Gene Simmons of Kiss, talked to Footwear News about his shoe collection, summer plans and more.

What’s the relationship between rock and fashion?
“The great thing about rock is that it’s anti-fashion — it doesn’t give a f—ck what fashion does. Rock is eternal because you always have your snakeskin boots, jeans and jewelry. Fashion is always concerned about changing. Your Harley is eternal. Your pair of jeans — especially tight — is eternal. Rock fashion is like an animal: An animal will piss on the ground and say, ‘This is my territory — this is the definition of who I am,’ as opposed to a chameleon who wants to blend in. Fashion is a chameleon —always trying to figure out what to look like. Rock does not give a f—ck.”

What projects do you have coming up?
“Touring. I’m going to be wearing more makeup and high heels than your mommy — but I mean that, really. I wear about 50 pounds of armor, studs and leather, and eight-inch platform heels. I spit fire, I fly through the air.”

What’s the secret to not falling in towering heels?
“Beautiful legs. I would be so popular in jail.”

gene simmons john varvatos stuart house
Gene Simmons.
CREDIT: AP Images.

What does your shoe closet look like?
“I have four or five pairs at home, and that’s it — I’m not a woman. My wife (actress Shannon Tweed), she has two floors.”

What’s your favorite look on her?
“Not much.”

What is your summer vacation plan?
“Wherever I am is a vacation. I bring the party; I don’t go to the party. I am the party, b—h.”

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