“Damn Daniel” Teen Gets Lifetime Supply Of Vans On Ellen

The teens behind the latest viral video hit “Damn Daniel” definitely got a little something extra for their closets thanks to Ellen DeGeneres.

Daniel Lara, 14, and Josh Holz, 15, are the California students behind the latest viral sensation, and it got them an invite to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

The video (with over 45 million views) features Holz commenting on Lara’s fashions over a few weeks with the same exclamation: “Damn Daniel.” The one pair of sneakers called out in the video? Lara’s white, slip-on Vans.

Ellen DeGeneres has hopped in with quite the twist for the teens: Daniel Lara received a lifetime supply of Vans sneakers from the brand and DeGeneres.

At the tender age of 14 that’s quite the number of kicks to collect. And in case you’re wondering, no, that lifetime supply isn’t limited to white sneakers.

Watch the clip below.



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