Shoe Designers Reveal Their Guilty Pleasures For Summer

Designers are gearing up for the sunny summer months by carving out time to satisfy their cravings and enjoy their favorite activities. Here, they reveal their guilty pleasures for the season, such as drinking rosé, eating gelato and more.

1. Jerome Rousseau: “Summer nights are perfect to host dinners outside. I live at the base of a huge, naked Hollywood hill, and the plants and cacti are gorgeous during the summer. I take advantage of the warm summer nights to have friends over and drink too much champagne with them.”

2. Rebecca Minkoff: “Spending time in the sun [with SPF] and definitely rosé.”

Rebecca Minkoff
Designer Rebecca Minkoff.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff.

3. Ivy Kirzhner: “Rosé for days, all day! It’s an instant ‘chill out’ after a long, hard week. Recently, I was introduced to a new French brand called Miraval, interestingly by Brangelina [Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie]. I’ve always said, ‘I’ll have whatever she’s drinking!’ ”

Ivy Kirzhner
Ivy Kirzhner

4. Marion Parke: “Leaving the office early!”

Marion Parke luxury shoes with support
Various styles from Marion Parke’s spring ’16 range.
CREDIT: Thomas Iannaccone.

5. Matt Bernson: “Rosé wine extra cold, enjoyed outside.”

Matt Bernson's Westport, Conn. store
Matt Bernson’s Westport, Conn., store.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

6. Sarah Flint: “Gelato. There’s something so nice about being able to have a cool treat while being outside and enjoying the warm weather.”

Sarah Flint
Designer Sara Flint.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Sarah Flint.

7. Chris Benz, creative director, Bill Blass: “There is nothing better than finding a lovely outside table at a cafe and lingering for hours. It’s just not something you can do very well in the winter months, but is sinfully perfect in summer.”

Valentine's Day Shoes
Bill Blass, Sutton Slip-On $248.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

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