How the King of Vintage Cameron Silver and Lord & Taylor Will Give People What They Want

Cameron Silver is delivering fashion at a 21st-century pace.

The fashion director for the H by Halston and H Halston brands was on hand at Lord & Taylor’s flagship store in New York on Thursday to promote the latest H Halston line, which launched exclusively with the luxury department store chain last month.

The H Halston exclusive partnership with Lord & Taylor sees the brand embrace the fast-fashion craze and deliver 52 clothing new collections — one every week — to Lord & Taylor stores throughout the country. (The shoes in the line will be delivered quarterly and range from $99 to $199 in price.)

“It’s fast fashion for the long haul,” Silver told Footwear News of the line in an exclusive interview Thursday night. “This is really about adding affordable designer clothing with really high quality.”

The vintage fashion impresario, who founded Los Angeles-based boutique Decades, said despite his love for classic fashion, he wanted to ramp up speed-to-market to meet consumer demand.

“It’s what the customer wants,” Silver said. “I was very interested in the idea of being 21st century. When we analyzed consumer trends and [look at] the influence of fashion today, it is through this [fast-fashion] vehicle. But, we’re just doing [fast fashion] in a more luxurious way.”

Here, Silver talks his favorite shoes in the new line, keeping the Halston name relevant and his picks for most fashionable celebrities.

What’s special about this newest H Halston launch?

CS: “H Halston has always been about reverence to the Halston DNA — effortless American, sportswear. But [with this line], we’re also reacting to current fashion trends and current street trends because we’re really able to respond to consumer demands and adjust collections, which is incredible. Someone who is shopping at our event tonight could say something, and I can share that with the design team and 12 weeks later, we’re able to deliver it.”

Why Lord & Taylor for this project?

CS: “Lord & Taylor is the oldest [upscale] department store in America. This concept of retailing is something Lord & Taylor invented. I like that although they’re the oldest retailer, they’re also the most progressive because this is a very modern approach to retailing. It’s been really great to work with a legacy department store that recognizes the consumer shift in demand. This [new line] completely modern within this historic setting.”

Tell me about the shoes in this new collection.

CS: “The shoes are super-chic and super-hip — very contemporary but still within the Halston DNA. There is a great boot with a block heel that has all these gold studs on it — it looks terrific and it looks so awesome. I also love the metallic silver loafer.”

H halston loafers
Metallic loafers by H Halston, exclusive for Lord & Taylor.
CREDIT: Courtesy of company.

Why do you think the Halston name is still so relevant today?

CS: “There is a visceral connection that people have with Halston — whether or not they were in alive in the ‘60s or ‘70s. It just means something — it just means America. This is a guy that’s not just important in fashion but also in American history because of what he did with Jacqueline Kennedy’s inauguration hat. He is part of the fabric of American history. Everybody wants to be part of that Halston clique. They were the cool kids, but they were also the smart and creative kids.”

Which celebrities do you find to be the most stylish?

CS: “I’ve always loved Cate Blanchett. I love Zoe Saldana and I love Zendaya. I met Zendaya when she was like 15 [years old]. She came to an event at Decades and was so poised. I love that she is outside the box. She takes risks — so does Cate and so does Zoe. All these women are also extremely brilliant. So beyond being gorgeous and talented — they’re intellectuals.”

H halston lord and taylor
A style by H Halston, exclusive for Lord & Taylor.
CREDIT: Courtesy of company.
H Halston lord and taylor
A style by H Halston, exclusive for Lord & Taylor.
CREDIT: Courtesy of company.
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