Anatomic & Co. To Launch ‘Social Shoe’ That Blocks Smartphone Apps

Anatomic & Co. aims to help people digitally detox from their smartphones.

The footwear manufacturer has developed a “social shoe” that disconnects the wearer from mobile apps and social media platforms. Designed in collaboration with University College London, the tech-enhanced line will launch via Kickstarter in the summer.

“We love social media, but not when it gets in the way of real life and relationships,” the brand said in a statement.

Dubbed In Good Company, an apt name for the footwear, the shoe line utilizes technology inside the rubber sole via Bluetooth that’s controlled from the user’s smartphone app.

Among the features, users have the option to block individuals and apps at specified times throughout the day.

The goal is to make “the world a more sociable place in which to live” through face-to-face communication by restricting digital distractions, the brand added.

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