Atrous Shoes: Minimalist-Chic Debut Collection From Detroit Duo

With the industrial cool of Detroit continuing to win support from the fashion industry, enter Atrous — latin for “black” — a new line of footwear from two young co-founders who hail from Motor City. Though now New York City-based, Creative Director Aaron Jacobs and Managing Director Thomas Lambert grew up together and always dreamed of having their own venture. Fast forward to today, and their debut collection of shoes highlights the tough, fuss-free lines and dark palette of their hometown.

There are also startlingly practical touches on their version of sturdy stiletto styles, such as Velcro-strapped mules and pumps in the nine-piece collection, which is made in Italy, with a price range of $495 to $900. While they are still testing the retail waters, the duo have a distinct point of view and show promise.

From left: creative director Aaron Jacobs and managing director Thomas Lambert.
Creative Director Aaron Jacobs and Managing Director Thomas Lambert.

“We grew up together, surrounded by different elements of design in Detroit,” says Jacobs. “My father is an architect, and I’ve always been drawn to designing things, specifically shoes.”

“It was an idea we always spoke about working on together,” says Lambert. After completing business school in Michigan, Lambert persuaded Jacobs to leave Donna Karan, where he was on the footwear-design team, to launch their own label for spring ’16. “This has been over two and a half years in the making — setting up the business and building our relationships with the factories.”

Atrous Shoes Spring 2016
Lyneth pump in black, side view.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

For that all-important aspect, Jacobs worked with a mentor at Milan’s famed Ars Sutoria accessory university. “When you are producing in Italy, these relationships are everything, especially starting out as a new brand,” Jacobs said. The assured and minimalist lines of Atrous shoes benefit from high-quality, choice materials.

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