Tabitha Simmons Reveals Inspirations For Fall 2016 Shoes

Art Nouveau and Victorian inspirations harmonize in Tabitha Simmons’ ultra-feminine fall ’16 collection.

“I love that era because it’s romantic,” said the designer. Art Nouveau — the style of art and architecture prominent in the late 19th and early 20th centuries — is known for its geometric forms and intricate ornamentation. Enter a new print that Simmons is celebrating that bears some resemblance to classic William Morris patterns.

And to continue the feminine feel, the collection’s shoes are set on a lower heel, with a more rounded toe. “It’s in the vein of the era, but still in the spirit of our brand,” she said.

The New York-based designer also turned to artistry close to home, including a table she owns by furniture designer Aurelien Gallet. “He does a beautiful [selection] that features carved tables and dragonflies,” said Simmons. “The objects are organic-looking. I really like his work.”

Tabitha Simmons spring 2016 shoes
Tabitha Simmons spring ’16 collection.
CREDIT: Xavier Ganet.

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