Jimmy Choo Toasts Twenty Years In Business At Mr. Chow

“Don’t worry, he’s only making noodles,” said the head waiter as the noodle chef repeatedly slammed a stretchy lump of dough onto a wooden board, sending shock waves through the private room at Mr. Chow. The lump was later transformed into an elegant lineup of mile-long noodles ready for their chili dressing.

The famous Mr. Chow noodle performance took place during a dinner to mark the 20th anniversary of Jimmy Choo earlier this week, hosted by the brand’s principals Sandra Choi and Pierre Denis. Choi, a niece of the brand’s namesake who’s been with the company since the beginning, took pains to make sure everything in the room reflected the upbeat mood of the brand right now.

Jimmy Choo 20th Anniversary
The scene at Mr. Chow for the Jimmy Choo 20th anniversary celebration.
CREDIT: REX Shutterstock.

Cherry blossoms adorned the restaurant’s windows, while green chrysanthemums bloomed on the tables. “The cherry blossoms remind me of Christmas as a child – my grandfather used to pick the best trees for the house. They are a symbol of prosperity. The green chrysanthemums are a symbol of spring, re-birth and new beginnings.”

Dinner was a feast to mark the Year of the Monkey, with piles of prawns, dumplings, lobster, chicken and toffee and apple fritters for dessert while the fortune cookies took their cue from – what else? – footwear. The message inside was a quote from Oprah Winfrey. “I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.”

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