Giuseppe Zanotti Scopes Out New Shoe Talent in Milan

Milan’s fashion community celebrated rising talents on Sept. 21 with Who Is on Next? – the showcase held by Vogue Italia with fashion agency Altaroma – and Vogue Talents, which highlighted a selection of emerging designers from Italy and overseas.

Footwear designer Giuseppe Zanotti was checking out the shoe offerings, which included futuristic metallic designs of Ludovico Zordanazzo and Akhal Tekè’s delicate hand-embroidered slippers.


“I come here to see courage. Young people who enjoy a challenge stimulate me, too. The first step is the hardest because when you have a dream and you are unable to make it come true, it’s painful,” he said. “When there is an organization like this that invests in young people and gives them the hope of making it, and some of these kids succeed, that is a huge joy.”

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