Is the Buy-Now, Wear-Now Trend Here to Stay?

Paul Andrew
“Our world is growing increasingly immediate, thanks to social media, and I don’t see the attention on buy-now, wear-now product losing steam anytime soon. Instant gratification is the new normal, and fashion is no exception to this. This has actually been part of my design philosophy for a while. For many seasons, we have offered sandals in the fall collection, which delivers in June, and boots in the spring collection, delivering in November.”

Tabitha Simmons Celebrity Statement Shoes Spring 2016
April 2016: Tabitha Simmons stepped out in her own design for the Tory Sport store opening in New York.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock.

Tabitha Simmons
“We can safely assume the buy-now, wear-now trend is here to stay and is primarily a result of the influence of social media. Customers now see something and want it straight away and certainly don’t want to wait another six months. We aren’t there yet, as we don’t have ready-to-wear, but we do always try to design in conjunction with store delivery timing.”

Minkoff Ace Awards Red Carpet 2016
Rebecca Minkoff
CREDIT: Full Picture.

Rebecca Minkoff
“We no longer wanted our customer to su er from what we are calling ‘image fatigue.’ Traditionally, after we showed our collection, consumers would see it all over blogs, on celebrities and in magazines, so by the time the product hit stores, they had moved on. We want to continue evolving the ways we give our customer access to our product with immediacy. It allows me to create more of a connection with my consumer.”

Shoe Diary Jerome Rousseau
Jerome Rousseau
CREDIT: Courtesy of Nicholas Hess

Jerome C. Rousseau
“I believe it’s more than a trend; it’s here to stay, but it won’t totally replace the seasonal cycle we are used to working with. I’ve always presented collections that carry product that is more driven by the early season cycle, alongside product that fits the strategy. Footwear is a category that is particularly sensitive to the actual season and weather at retail. Not every woman wants to buy an over-the-knee boot in July, when fall collections hit the stores.”

Sarah Flint.
Sarah Flint
CREDIT: George Chinsee.

Sarah Flint
“It is definitely something that’s here to stay. The way the fashion cycle has traditionally worked, fall boots deliver in August, well before it’s cold enough to wear them. By the time the weather does turn, the boots are usually sold out. We’re thinking about how to best incorporate this new perspective into our business cycle. This year, we started showing shearling-lined boots for the resort delivery in November.”

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