Aquazzura’s Edgardo Osorio On His Dream Customer, Alternate Career & More

Our cover story this week goes behind the scenes with Edgardo Osorio, the Aquazzura creative force who is shaking up the industry.

Here, the designer sounds off on celebs, social media, his criticism of the men’s market and more.

The celebrity he would most like to see in his shoes:
“[Wallis Simpson], The Duchess of Windsor. She had incredible personal style and incredible personality. She was such a modern woman, 50 years ahead of her time. She loved fashion.”

Wallis Simpson Celebrity Style
The Duchess of Windsor

The state of the men’s market:
“I hate trendy men’s shoes. Men should be men. You don’t want to see a man wearing shoes with colored soles and crystals. You can still have color — yellow, green, red, orange. I love color. No one makes classic with a twist. It sounds cliché, but it’s true. It’s either boring or extremely over the top.”

The fashion calendar:
“It’s completely wrong. We can’t put summer on sale in May and June. It should go on sale in August and September. Winter doesn’t even start until January; you can’t put it on sale at Christmas. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot. Who the hell wants to buy a fur coat in July? You’re on the beach. If you want to buy a bikini, you can’t find it. The system has to change because people just don’t buy like that.”

Snapchat versus Instagram:
“I’m not a fan of video, but I do my best. I prefer Instagram. I love images. Snapchat can be too much work. You don’t need to know what everyone is doing at every moment and watch a video of them doing it. People need to live their lives.”

Instagram Aquazzura
@aquazzura, Jan. 14, “Barneys New York. In great company.”
CREDIT: Instagram

His alternate career choice:
“I would be a plastic surgeon or a decorator. I like to make things beautiful.”

Biggest mistake he’s made so far:
“Not investing in Uber.”

His frenetic schedule:
“I need constant stimulation. I have the attention span of a fruit fly. For me, it’s quite interesting to jump from thing to thing. Otherwise, I would get bored.”

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